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Listening Well with Stephanie is a daily wellness podcast. Every week, Stephanie will focus on one topic on how to live your best life, with a bite-sized pod post every weekday, sharing her thoughts and advice as a boost for your day. If you prefer to hear them all in one go, on the weekend she'll combine all 5 as a bonus episode. We hope you'll join Stephanie in Listening Well

About the Host

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Stephanie Bovis

Well hello there, thanks for stumbling upon this channel! I’m Stephanie, a yin yoga and meditation teacher residing in Singapore. I am also a corporate host, fitness enthusiast, and dabble in the performing arts. When it comes to wellness and the art of living well, I deem myself a forever student. My multicultural background and experience as a Third Culture Kid have opened my eyes to embrace all perspectives, cultures, and traditions on the different ways of living life.

I am an advocate on tending to and nurturing our shadow side, and doing the work to learn and love the whole person you are. I believe that living a life of balance takes continuous work. It’s about nurturing your soil bed so that your seeds of inspiration can blossom. Thank you for Listening Well, I hope that you’ll receive some inspiration on how to live your best life.